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Deal Alerts

  • When are the deal alerts sent out?

    Our deal alerts are sent out every Friday by email. All deals are announced immediately thereafter on our website and are posted as a link on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter on the same day.

  • Why am I not getting the deal alerts?

    Please check if you have received our confirmation email upon your sign up. This email requires your action, so you will not get our deal alerts unless you confirm your subscription. Please note that your subscription must be confirmed within 24 hours from receiving the email. Unconfirmed subscriptions are deleted thereafter.


    We also recommend checking your Spam folder to make sure our emails do not land there. Feel free to contact us in case none of the above works.

  • How do I unsubscribe?

    To unsubscribe, just click on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of our deal alerts or welcome email. Your email address and preferences will be permanently deleted afterwards.

  • I unsubscribed by mistake. What do I do?

    You are welcome to sign up again at any time.

My Membership

  • Why am I not having a password?

    We wanted to make life easier for you not having to deal with yet another password. Our emails to you contain unique links so that you do not need to use a password.


    This however means that you cannot log in to our website. You can change your preferences or unsubscribe using the provided links in our emails to you only.

  • How can I update my preferences?

    Simply click on the "Change Preferences" link in our newsletter or welcome email. The link will take you to your personal preferences.

  • How can I update my email address?

    If you would like to use another email address please sign up using the new email address. You can then unsubscribe the existing one.

  • I want to sign up, but my email address seems to already exist. What do I do?

    If your email address exists you are already a member. Please go through your emails and check the Spam folder as well. Unconfirmed email addresses are deleted within 24 hours after sign up. Please contact us in case of further questions.

  • How can I discontinue my membership?

    Simply click on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of our newsletter or welcome email. Your email address  and preferences will be permanently deleted afterwards.

Book Deals

  • How do I buy the featured book deals?

    You can either the featured book deals either from our website or via our deal alert emails. To order a book simply click on either the book cover or book title to be referred to the retailer's website. We are currently working with Amazon only. Please note, that our deals might not be equally available for every subscriber. Retailer prices may vary depending on your world region.

  • Why is the actual price different than the price in the newsletter?

    Deals are available for a limited time only and prices may change without notice. Our team is committed to verifying the deals for you and we do our best to avoid such situations. However please note, that retailer prices may vary depending on your world region.

Content Reviewed Books

  • What is a content review?

    Our content review provides a short summary of a book's content in terms of pace, target audience, humor, drama, suspension, sexual content, bad language and violence as well as the type of story end. This summary helps the reader quickly decide if a book is a good match for their taste.

  • What are content reviewed books?

    Content reviewed books are books that have been reviewed based on the collective opinion of our reader community or our review team. We ensure that each and every review is submitted by a verified user. Whisper Reads reserves the right to overwrite or delete content reviews in case of detected manipulations.

  • Where do I find the content review for a book?

    If available, the content review for a book is visible below the book's cover or description both on our website (Book Deals or Content Reviewed Books) and in our email deal alerts.

  • How do I write a content review for a book?

    You can search for the book you would like to review on our Content Reviewed Books page. Once found just click on the "Review this book" link below the book. Please note, that content reviews can be submitted by registered users only using the personal code provided in our emails. You can also automatically log in by clicking on

    "Review this book" in our deal alert emails. A registered user can review a book only once and cannot modify or delete the review after submission.

For Authors

  • I am an author. How can I promote my books on Whisper Reads?

    In order to promote your books on Whisper Reads, your books must meet our submission requirements. Please have a look at our For Authors page.

  • How much does a book promotion cost?

    We are offering our promotion service to all authors for a fee of USD 15 (PayPal only). Your book deal must be approved in order to be featured.

  • How do I submit a deal?

    Your book must be available on Amazon in order to be featured. Just enter your ebook's ASIN at the top of our For Authors page. We will instantly retrieve your book data from Amazon. You can then enter your deal and contact details.


  • How far in advance should I consider submitting a deal?

    The earlier you submit the higher are your chances of getting a slot in our newsletter. We currently offer a choice of eight newsletters in advance.

  • What is your response time upon submission?

    Our team tries to respond as soon as possible upon receiving your book details. However it might take us up to 2-3 business days to review your deal.

  • How soon can a deal be re-submitted in case of rejection?

    Generally you can re-submit your deal immediately upon rejection given, that your deal details have been changed in any way. We will do our best to give you feedback regarding our decision.

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